Living on the Edge

For a short period, almost 2000 years ago, Lunt was the frontline of the Roman Empire in Britain. After Boudica’s uprising was crushed nearby, the frontline moved North to County Durham and Northumberland. Vinovia and Vindolanda were constructed just as Lunt was abandoned. Vindolanda was first built of earth and timber, just like Lunt, but was later rebuilt in stone. Please study the archaeology blog about Vindolanda to learn more.

Vindolanda today has an active archaeology program, an excellent on site museum and nearby is their new and exciting Roman Army Museum. There are many interactive and engaging exhibits in both sites that will inspire ideas for Lunt. Please follow this link to find out more.

The Edge of Empire 3D film is a highlight of many visits to the museum:

Vinovia in County Durham is known as the Roman Binchester project. Constructed c79CE just as Lunt was abandoned, there is much to learn from the archaeology. Please follow this link to find out more.

Lunt was part of a line of control across Central England, a forerunner of Hadrian’s Wall. The other end of the line is at Wroxeter Roman City. It is well worth visiting this site to see the reconstructed Roman villa.