Minecraft Event!

Minecraft Lunt Fort builders 1So a few days ago (Sunday), I went to Lunt Roman Fort in Coventry, a small Roman fort that I really enjoyed going to, to build it in Minecraft! It’s actually amazing how they knew where the Roman buildings were. From just information about standard Roman fort models, and a few dents in the ground, they were able to recreate a large area of the fort, including a big gatehouse at the entrance. Inside, they also have a small (but scaled) model of the fort as it would have been long ago! Coming back to the gatehouse; it is the only rebuilt one of a possible three, and it is:

  • Two huge doors
  • Steps up a grass bank to the next level (you can actually go into it!)
  • This level runs around the whole fort, allowing for defending at any side.
  • Two ladders to a top level, presumably for lookouts (or possibly archers) to stand on. (This was slightly rotting, meaning I wasn’t allowed up)
  • Also, a moat/deep trench running around the fort, forcing invaders and visitors to use the main path, raised up to normal height

Minecraft Lunt Fort builders 2When I arrived (along with about 7 other people) we all connected to the internet, plugged our computers in, and joined a minecraft server. Oh, but not just any minecraft server. A dedicated, lunt roman fort server! We all quickly sorted ourselves into build teams of two or three each, and begun on a particular area, making reference to the scaled model. Some people filled in holes, others built houses, and I built a chariot racing arena. We added horses, (until someone’s computer became so slow that they had to kill them, D: ). I helped build the ‘Mystery Building’, a building that’s position and design were known, but not its purpose. It was two small buildings next to each other, with a small shed, all contained inside a large fence. We got most of the fort done, and building the gatehouse was the most fun/tedious part. How can it be both?, you say. Well, we enjoyed building it, but we had to keep checking, and fixing, and breaking and remaking it! In the end it looked great though.

Minecraft Lunt Fort

While we did this, another computer’s game was flown up high to look down on the build, and recording it. That means that soon, I will have (probably on youtube) a timelapsed video of the build! I watched it as we built, and it looks amazing! I’ll try to link to that, or at least add my own screenshots. Sadly, it is not my world, meaning I can’t leave a download link.

After we had done most of the build, however, the server was saved (ensuring our work was not lost) and restarted, and thus began the free-for-all! We all built bases and weapons (blowing up the fort in the process – don’t worry! We made a back-up world with it), then began fighting with about 3 people playing fairly, and 4 people cheating, flying and sitting in their unreachable base, as I tried vainly to get them down. In the end, we all just went on to the Hypixel server and played together.

On the whole, it was a great day with fun, building and merciless attacking of each other (in minecraft, obviously)!

Written by Jamie (11)