What is a Hackathon?


What do we mean when we say ‘Hackathon’ event?

Ludic Rooms:

“A Hackathon, in our terms, is an event where creative individuals get together and decide to re-purpose or take apart existing ideas, infrastructure, technology or products and attempt to find new and interesting reuses. It’s not about finished products, it’s about ideas where rapid iterative prototyping allows for rough and ready potential realisations”

“The Ludi Lunt Hackathon will bring together artists, producers, crafters, makers and creative entrepreneurs and technologists from across the West Midlands and wider United Kingdom. We aim to develop new ideas at the intersection of art, technology, history and culture; setting out to make new work which you would like to see in the Lunt Roman Fort of the future. It is also intended to be an active community of peer learning and development. We hope to create a platform for critical and technical investigation of ideas through a process of discussion, sharing, making and hopefully, testing.”

We are inviting you to join a group of artists, creators, makers, crafters, historians, general public and heritage enthusiasts to spend the weekend exploring ideas, prototyping rapidly some working models and investigating ways to make the Lunt a more creative and enjoyable place to visit. Culture Coventry are the newly formed creative organisation that oversees the four main visitor attractions in Coventry and want  the experience of visiting Lunt Roman Fort to reflect its international importance and provide an exciting and educational venue for Coventry.

  • Do you have projects and ideas that you wish to see realised ?
  • Have you ever wanted to collaborate with an artist, designer or app programmer ?
  • Can you think of new ways to show off the content ?
  • Do you just want to let your imagination run wild ?

Ultra high to the ultra low – we don’t mind if it’s raspberry pi or cardboard tubes as long as its safe and legal!

What we ask from you:
On the first day of the Hackathon, we’ll spend a little time learning more about each other’s practice and the Lunt itself, so be prepared to offer an insight into your specialism if you want.

We’re not expecting you to complete any other work before you arrive, as ideas will be worked up in groups during the Hackathon. However, do feel free to reflect on the concept before arrival.

We’re not expecting you to bring anything unless you want to or it is particular to your practice. We hope you will be working up ideas and although we do have kit including projectors, AV equipment, laptops and access to some of our exhibits, please feel free to bring your own devices or anything else you think might be appropriate for the lab.

What we offer to you:
There is no fee. We ask that you give your time free of charge, and in return we offer an exciting, creative weekend, being part of a new and unique event, a great networking opportunity, and many, many ideas and creative ways of working for you to take home with you and use in your own workplace.

Free camping facilities on site: please bring your own sleeping bag and tent.

Food will be provided: outdoor hot hog roast (typical Romans!) and veggie options too.

Drink will be provided.

Electricity provided.

Some of the best ideas will be put forward as part of the regeneration bid and we will be funding them to make them a reality.

Find out more about Ludi Lunt: see our FAQ

Make sure of your place at Ludi Lunt: apply here

Find out more about Lunt Roman Fort: here’s some background